Since God made 737 prophecies in the Bible and has accurately fulfilled 80% so far, do you believe God will fulfil the remainder just as precisely? - *

Since so many of these prophecies concern Israel, do you believe that the return of the Jews to their ancient homeland shows that prophecy is being fulfilled in our lifetime?

Since God mentioned Israel thousands of times in the Bible and said he would reject Israel only when day and night cease, is it inconceivable to you that God has washed his hands of Israel?

Do you believe that Jesus is coming back - to the Mount of Olives, to Jerusalem, ? (Acts 1 v1-12 and Matthew 23 v37-39)

Do you believe the Bible concerning the Middle East rather than the television news?

If you would answer “yes” to these questions, we want to hear from you.

We believe there are many Baptists in Britain who are serious about the Bible and consequently believe that Israel should be taken seriously. However, it is possible to feel very lonely being a Baptist and believing in the importance of Israel. Baptists for Israel aims to help us to make contact, encourage each other and find ways to share fellowship.

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What is new concerning Israel ?

If you believe in the importance of Israel to the Christian we feel sure you will be interested in some more questions.

Since Jesus is Jewish, would you like to understand him better through understanding his Jewishness?

Had you considered the whole Bible as a Jewish book?

Do you take Isaiah 40 as a prompt to comfort God's people? (the Jews where you live and those in Israel)

Do you read Jesus' great commission as including Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria?

Are you familiar with chapters nine to eleven of Paul's letter to the Roman believers and do you recognise Paul's explanation that you have been grafted in to God's olive tree?

If we have caught your interest we believe we have lots of interesting stuff for you on here an on our sister site.

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Updated - 02/03/16

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David Pawson - "When Jesus Returns"