Therefore encourage each other with these words. 1 Thessalonians 4 v18

Contact or Join Baptists for Israel

(Our membership list has 55 entries - ranging from single members to whole congregations)

Please E-mail us with your opinions and a guide as to how far you feel able to be involved.

You might like to copy the form below, paste it into a new E-mail, edit it and send it to us @

I ( or we ) would like to join and be counted as baptists for Israel - Yes / Not yet

Name (or names)

Mr Mrs Rev

Town / City





I would like my name and town/city to be listed on baptists4israel

I would like my full contact details included

I would / would not be interested in E-mail updates (Baptists4Israel or wildolive (more))

I would be interested in .....

My comments on the baptists4israel project and web site......


If you know folks who would like to be enrolled as Baptists for Israel but are not on the Internet, would you be kind enough to print this questionnaire for them and then reply for them?

Thank you in anticipation

the Administrator - Michael

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Updated 02 March 2016

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