And you, though a wild olive shoot, have been grafted in among the others and now share the nourishing sap from the olive root, Romans 11 v17

Why do we need "Baptists for Israel" ?

Is there a problem?

One of the good things about our Baptist Churches is that we have no human heirarchy, no Archbishop of Didcot, and we answer directly to our Lord through prayer and the Bible, there is no authorised body of doctrine apart from the Bible.

Because we are independent and rely directly on what the Bible says, the only "official" source of information about Baptist belief is the output from various departments of the Baptist Union of Great Britain. However, there is no mechanism to ensure this output is really representative of general or collective Baptist belief.

Unfortunately, published material emanating from Baptist sources has suggested that Baptists in Britain are hostile to Israel and have no place for Israel in their hearts or in their reading of the Bible.

While we believe that this is not the case, we note that, by its own admission, the BUGB has foregone its independance in fixing its position on Israel and adopted the views of WCC and Christian Aid .

We want regain our Baptist legacy.

We, as Britain's Baptists, need to consider the position of Britain concerning Israel.


Our understanding of the call to set up Baptists for Israel

Baptists for Israel should provide a voice or a rallying point for Baptists who believe that when the Bible speaks of Israel it really means Israel.

Baptists for Israel should provide fellowship and encouragement for Baptists who believe in Israel by assuring them that they are not alone.

Baptists for Israel encourages everyone to walk sensitively and prayerfully in order to share our blessings without causing divisions and embarrasing our leaders.

Baptists for Israel encourages those with a vision for Israel not to leave their present fellowships but remain committed members, ready to share when the opportunity arises. (Hebrews 10 v25)

As Baptists who are for Israel we should encourage, whenever possible, producers of material that treats Israel and the Jews fairly and in a manner true to the Bible.

If we can establish that a good number of Baptists are for Israel, we may be able to influence Baptist theology and prayer focus towards an increasingly biblically sound view of Israel & the Jews.

As Baptists who are for Israel we should be seeking to know in what ways God wants us to minister to the people of Israel. - (both Jews and Arabs)


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